glass bong sophisticated design

glass bong sophisticated design

  • Thursday, 27 February 2020
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the broad glass bong creates a stable base, an integral feature for a successful session. the mouthpiece is wide and feels natural around the lips for optimal inhalation. the bowl, made of durable stainless steel, is large, resulting in ease when loading – whether you’re pinching or pouring. the body, made of clear 7mm glass feels solid and provides a stunning view of the powerful percolation process. the sophistication doesn’t end with the external aesthetics and features, though – the internal features are just as impressive.

within the water pipe bong an ash catch and diffuser, providing a consistently clean and efficient hit for the entire smoke session. the downstem extends from the mouthpiece throughout almost the entire length of the water pipe, resulting in a cool, smooth hit, especially when adding ice to the equation. my favorite feature of the heir, however, is its ability to be completely disassembled. the mouthpiece simply unscrews from the glass body for effortless cleaning. the brainchild of four industrial designers, this product truly has the best smoking experience in mind.

my first hit from the heir was unbelievably silky thick glass bongs. the smoke exhaled was a crisp white, mirroring the milky haze floating inside the glass. the water stayed crystal clear. it was like taking a full breath of nothing but oxygen. i could feel full lung expansion, resulting in a delicious, refined hit of remedy by puffin farm. i took another, then another. no cough, no heat, just an effortless envelopment of perfectly filtered smoke. after my session, i simply dumped out the charred flower.

there was no debris or caked on residue thanks to the water pipes recycler. i then unscrewed the top and washed out the glass like a cup. clean up was completely convenient, quick, and user-friendly.overall, i would highly suggest the heir water-pipe for any cannabis user in search of an understated aesthetic and unparalleled smoking experience.

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