nector collector  unique design

nector collector unique design

  • Thursday, 27 February 2020
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for lighter, you can choose between scientific beaker and straight tube bongs that have diffused downstems or multiple percs. there are also colorful bongs made from heady glass as well as durable, stylish silicone or acrylic materials.there are also some dab rigs in different shapes and sizes. although some of the designs are refreshingly different, the selection is sorely lacking. the bongoutlet has less than 20 dab rigs, which don’t leave that many options to choose from.for vape fans, you can get a handheld vaporizer pen as well as a desktop vaporizer. the nector collector outlet has a wide range of yocan dab pens, which is useful for those who are loyal to the brand. however, it would be better if you have other options like davinci and can get several interesting pipes as well. there are flower-engraved stone pipes, colorful soft glass spoon pipes, as well as clear steamrollers. there’s also a plastic hand pipe designed to look like a wooden pipe.although the bongoutlet is based in canada, prices are in usd currency. bongs can cost $8.99-$149, while dab rigs are at $14.99-$119. for glass hand pipes, you can spend about $3.99-$89, and metal pipes cost $3-$11.99.

if you want glass bong, it’s going to cost you $5.99-7.99. silicone pipes go for $15-$22.bong outlet accepts payments via visa and mastercard only. bank transfers and paypal payments are not accepted due to their strict policies.there’s bongoutlet free shipping for orders above $50 in canada and above $99 for the us. for others, there’s a $10 fee for canada and a $9.99 fee for us delivery.there are several ways to get discounts in the bong outlet. one is by signing up for a newsletter to get updates on new products and sales. another is through a seasonal sale wherein a bongoutlet coupon code will flash as a site banner.the water bongs outlet also has a rewards program for loyal customers. points are earned when you create an account, on each purchase, by leaving reviews and following on instagram.the site is easy to use and navigate. the categories are organized and straightforward. you won’t get lost while you’re looking for that one perfect pipe to add to your collection. however, the headshop isn’t like 420 science or dankgeek that carries high-end bong brands. the bong outlet is almost closely similar to thickassglass in the limited number of smoking devices available.yes, bong outlet is one of the trusted and legit online headshops that you can order from.

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