water bongs and pipes change shape and appearance

water bongs and pipes change shape and appearance

  • Thursday, 27 February 2020
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one of the ways to improve your water bongs and pipes experience is to use the right type of bowl that will match your hookah, shisha, and smoking goals. we’ll talk about the different types of hookah bowl shapes and what it does for your hookah session.the most popular hookah bowl, the phunnel bowl has a spire at the center. instead of multiple holes, the spire has one large hole that helps regulate air flow within the bowl. this central air channel makes it a favorite for hookah users because it prevents the juice from running down.the wall of the spire also prevents the shisha from blocking the air flow.

the size of the spire affects the phunnel bowl’s performance water pipe. wider spires provide better airflow and huge smoke. small spires limit the amount of air and have a bit of a drag to it, but this can help beginners from getting overwhelmed with too much hookah smoke.the phunnel bowl is usually made of clay, making it excellent in heat regulation and distribution. since there are no holes, the juices of the shisha remain in the bowl enhancing flavor delivery. some manufacturers improved the design of the phunnel bowl by altering the shape and look of the spire.

some spires have notches for better airflow smoking accessories, while others have bridges so you won’t suck the foil down to cover the spire.your hookah comes with a standard egyptian bowl. it’s made out of clay for better heat management. it has 4-5 holes evenly distributed in the center similar to a domino pattern. because the holes are located at the bottom, you have to be careful not to overpack the egyptian bowl. it’s also essential to break up your shisha and avoid packing the bowl too tight to promote airflow.egyptian bowls are cheap and easy to find.

the downside with using an egyptian bowl with hookah shia is that the juices will run down the stem and into the base. you’ll still taste the shisha, but it won’t be as great as with the phunnel bowl.the vortex bowl is somewhat a combination of the egyptian and phunnel bowl. instead of having holes in the bottom, the holes are located around the spire. there’s no juice leaking into your hookah, and the position of the holes creates a vortex of smoke inside the bowl. when packing a vortex bowl, be careful not to block the holes around the spire.

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